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Most people are born with good eyesight – but vision impairments like cataracts can develop and impact their ability to see.

Cataracts are a clouding of the lens. It prevents light from easily passing through the lens and results in vision loss.

Cataracts are most common among the elderly. It’s a double hit – because older people need more light to see. A person aged 65 may need twice as much light to see compared to when they were 45.

Cataracts were a serious problem for Eckson Mnisi, a crop farmer from Hazyview. At 70, and often working in low light conditions at dawn and dusk, cataracts prevented him from farming efficiently and safely.

Fortunately, the Bureau for the Prevention of Blindness performed cataract surgery in November 2021. It was a wonderful success and he is looking forward to getting back into his fields.

Cataract surgery was also an immense relief for Josephine Mnisi, an 81- year-old from

Mpumalanga. Her six children have passed away, and she lives alone. When cataracts clouded her sight, she had few people to turn to.

Now, her sight is steadily improving and so too is her ability to take care of


We thank our partners for helping elderly folkremain active, productive and independent in their golden years!