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It won’t be long before we start distributing the gifts that our gracious donors sent in for White Cane Week. And we can’t wait!

Thank you to everyone who supported this campaign. Your gifts will provide blind and partially sighted learners with exciting assistive devices.

We must ensure they have good teachers and access to braille textbooks. They also need assistive devices like: talking calculators, braille watches and Orbit refreshable braille readers.

Seventeen-year- old Neli Dladla*, a blind learner from Arthur Blaxall School in Pietermaritzburg, dreams of owning these devices.

blind learner

Neli Dladla*

She wants to study law at university and knows these devices will give a big boost to her efforts. But like thousands of other blind learners, Neli can’t afford these devices.

That’s why we turned to our wonderful donors in April to give visually impaired learners some love and assistance.

Proceeds of White Cane Week will also provide assistive devices to new students at Optima College. These packs are used for orientation and mobility training.

When visually impaired students arrive at Optima, the environment is strange and unfamiliar. They can’t move around independently because they don’t know the place.

An orientation and mobility practitioner comes in to orientate them. They learn critical skills, including using a white cane, so they can move independently from their rooms to the dining hall, lectures, bathrooms and around the college.

They also learn Activities of Daily Living, which covers personal, financial, home and kitchen management.

The White Cane Week campaign supports all these important initiatives and more! It hasn’t concluded yet – so there’s still time to support it and help fulfil the dreams of blind students.

Thank you!

*Not her real name.