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The POPI Act (no 4 of 2013) aims to protect an individual’s personal information against the unlawful and unauthorised collection, dissemination and use of personal information.

POPIA comes into effect, as of the 1st of July 2021. We would like to give assurance to you that your information and contact details are safe with us.

You are currently on our database to receive invitations to our events, newsletter, book promotions, research reports, announcements and notices on services, products, and programs regarding our work. In applicable instances we receive your personal data when we contact you as a volunteer, member, beneficiary, donor and professional as well as employment.

We would like to keep your information in our safe and secured platforms as a valuable person associated with our Organisation! In the event you wish to opt out and want your information to be deleted, our platforms provide for that, and our contact details are vividly displayed.

Third parties handling our technical equipment and are equally obligated to compliance as we are.

We are committed to continuously improve on our systems and platforms in compliance with POPIA.

We are grateful and appreciative to you for your support…

For further enquiries please contact:

Mr Lewis Nzimande

National Executive Director