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About 900 cataract patients have the gift of sight restored by the Bureau for the Prevention of Blindness every month.

Eyesight restored after cataract removal

Tebogo Senye

Many of these cataract surgeries are performed on the elderly. But not all! Some cases are related to conditions in younger patients, like diabetes.

Tebogo Senye, a long-term diabetic, was only 34 when cataracts covered his vision. He spent two years in darkness until his surgery in March.

Eyesight restored after cataract removal

James Tsekoa

Now, Tebogo is delighted to see his five children again – and is once again earning a living from street vending.


Another diabetic, 46- year-old James Tsekoa from Upington, gradually lost his vision in both eyes two years ago. He had surgery on his right eye and is overjoyed  at seeing his four children and grandchildren again.

This great work is made possible by donations from our awesome SANCB family.

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