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‘Members at the first conference in Bloemfontein to establish the SANCB in 1928.’

The SANCB celebrated its 93rd birthday in March, marking a lifetime of commitment to bring a brighter future to those who dare to dream.

We’re proud to have pulled through the trials of the past nine decades, especially the disruptions of COVID-19, to deliver the results you hope to see.

So what is it that allows the SANCB to endure through South Africa’s darkest times? What makes it possible is our dedicated team, the amazing communities we serve, and our bighearted stakeholders, families and friends.

The support of all these stakeholders allows us to step up in times of need: whether it’s through sight restoring cataract operations; mentorship and support; or skills training and education.

All of these initiatives – and so many more – are living proof of your spirit of giving. Thank you!