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Article 9. of this Convention maintains that:
                   ❖  persons with disabilities should be enabled to live independently and
                       participate fully in all aspects of life,
               State Parties shall respond appropriately to:
                   ❖  ensure that persons with disabilities have access, on an equal basis
                       with others….to information and communications, including
                       information and communications technologies and systems,
                   ❖  To ensure that private entities that offer facilities and services which
                       are open or provided to the public take into account all aspects of
                       accessibility for persons with disabilities;”

               The disability sector has been negotiating with The Banking Association of
               South Africa about accessible online banking systems starting from 2015,
               but it seems the industry is adamant to ignore this right of consumers
               with disabilities. Furthermore, many individuals with disabilities have
               registered complaints with their banks relating to inaccessible online
               banking systems and such complaints were also ignored or not addressed
               to their satisfaction.
               This statement aims to condemn in the strongest possible terms the
               negative attitude displayed and demonstrated by the banking industry of
               South Africa regarding inaccessible online banking systems to blind and
               partially sighted persons in South Africa. People with disabilities, including
               blind and partially sighted persons, also seek to claim the right to
               accessibility to services on the ground of disability.

               Furthermore, the South African National Council for the Blind, with its 80
               member organisations and thousands of blind and partially sighted
               persons, is calling upon the SA Human Rights Commission, The National
               Consumer Commission and the Financial Services Board to act now to
               protect the accessibility right of persons with disabilities in the banking

               Over and above this, the banking industry of South Africa is also invited
               to work with the disability sector to ensure that online banking services
               are accessible to the disability sector, including blind and partially sighted

               WORLD OPTOMETRY DAY
               23 MARCH 2021
               Most of us take for granted our gift of sight, let alone the dedicated
               medical professionals that are in charge of caring for our eyes. We try to
               show our appreciation to our optometrists every day, but on March 23,
               the day is dedicated to them as World Optometry Day!
               Those in the field of optometry care for our eyes in so many ways:
                       ❖  Comprehensive eye exams
                       ❖  Paediatric eye care
                       ❖  Geriatric eye care

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