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While glaucoma may occur at any age, it is more common in older adults.
               Medical experts estimate that half of the people with glaucoma may be
               unaware of their condition, and could slowly lose their sight because their
               glaucoma has not been diagnosed or treated. Therefore, with early
               treatment, the damage may be limited and sight may be saved. By
               raising awareness on the early detection and treatment of glaucoma, the
               world's second leading cause of blindness, the public would understand
               the devastating effects of a condition that could affect as many as 111
               million people worldwide by 2040.
               The 2021 theme for World Glaucoma Day was “The World is Bright,
               Save your Sight!” This theme reflects the hope that with regular testing,
               people would continue to see the beauty, charm and adventure of the

               Recognising the high incidence of glaucoma in our country, the South
               African National Council for the Blind (SANCB) urges the public to spread
               the word by talking about glaucoma, or simply sharing information and
               encouraging eye examinations. In this way, we can all help to prevent
               irreversible vision loss from a condition that is often referred to as “the
               silent thief of sight”.

               Dr Siva Moodley

                                                     HUMAN RIGHTS DAY 2021
                                                     Human Rights Day was commemorated on
                                                     March 21 to remind South Africans about
                                                     the sacrifices that accompanied the
                                                     struggle for the attainment of democracy
                                                     in South Africa.

                                                     This year we commemorated Human
                                                     Rights Day under the theme:  “The year of

                                                     unity, socio-economic renewal and nation-

               The democratic government declared 21 March Human Rights Day to
               commemorate and honour those who fought for our liberation and the
               rights we enjoy today.

               The South African constitution is hailed as one of the most progressive in
               the world and is the ultimate protector of our Human Rights, which were
               previously denied to the majority of our people under Apartheid. We
               commemorate Human Rights Day to reinforce our commitment to the Bill
               of Rights as enshrined in our Constitution.

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