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These rights include:
                   ❖  Equality – everyone is equal before the law and has the right to
                       equal protection and benefit of the law.
                   ❖  Human dignity – everyone has inherent dignity and have their
                       dignity respected and protected.
                   ❖  Freedom of movement and residence – everyone has a right to
                       freedom of movement and to reside anywhere in the country.
                   ❖  Language and culture – everyone has the right to use the language
                       and to participate in the cultural life of their choice.
                   ❖  Life - everyone has the right to life.

               Whether we are at the workplace, within communities, at schools, or with
               our partners and children, we all need to demonstrate the kind of
               responsibility that we would like to see in our country’s future.

               The efforts of the Government in realising its Human Rights obligations to
               all citizens of this country are found wanting.

               The enjoyment of the human rights of blind and partially sighted citizens
               of this country remain a pipe dream as they continue to struggle to gain
               proper access to education, health services, employment, public transport
               and housing.

               As The South African National Council for the Blind, we therefore call on
               authorities to consider the amendments in the constitution and identified
               gaps in order to realise these human rights’ obligations.

               It is our duty as a nation to use this Human Rights Day to foster greater
               social cohesion, nation building and a shared national identity
               remembering those that are yet to have access to the human rights.

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