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                   ❖  Note-taker mode – take notes and edit files
                   ❖  Braille display mode connects to computers and mobile devices over
                       USB and Bluetooth
                   ❖  Use stand-alone or connected to a computer or mobile device
                   ❖  Works with all popular screen readers on Windows, Mac OS, iOS,
                       Android, Fire OS, Chrome OS and Linux
                   ❖  Read and send messages and emails
                   ❖  Browse the internet
                   ❖  Control your computer or smartphone
                   ❖  Switch easily and instantly between modes
                   ❖  Full-featured, high-quality Perkins-style 8-key Braille keyboard
                   ❖  Cursor pad with 4-way arrows and select keys for easy navigation
                   ❖  Panning control rocker keys at each end of the display
                   ❖  Micro-USB port for charging and connectivity
                   ❖  Fast-charging long-life battery
                   ❖  Compact, lightweight and portable
                   ❖  0.96 lb., 6.6 x 4.3 x 1.25 inch
                   ❖  435 grams, 16.8 x 10.9 x 3.2 cm
                   ❖  Solid, durable construction, resistant to fluids and dust

                                                              In addition, with the additional
                                                              Orbit Teacher – A teaching platform
                                                              for the inclusive classroom, the
                                                              Orbit reader plus becomes more
                                                              than just a Braille display. The
                                                              following features are found in the
                                                              Teacher application:
                                                              ❖  Enables teachers in mainstream
                                                              classrooms to seamlessly interact
                                                              with blind students through an app
                                                              on a smartphone, computer or
                   ❖  Connects over Bluetooth to the student’s Orbit Reader 20 braille
                   ❖  Provides a real-time text translation of the braille being read or
                       written by the student on the device.
                   ❖  Provides the ability to develop and deliver educational materials in
                       the form of interactive lessons and tutorials
                   ❖  Tutorials can also leverage audio and speech capabilities from the
                       smartphone, PC or tablet
                   ❖  Integrated file-transfer feature to exchange classwork and
                       homework materials between student and teacher
                   ❖  Capable of supporting contracted and uncontracted braille in English
                       and over 40 other languages
                   ❖  Requires a free license to be activated to use with an Orbit Reader

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