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       Light and Healing Centre in Cape Town

       The intuitive touch of the Aroma therapists at the Light and Healing Centre in Cape Town
       is something to behold. Celebrated by its many clients who never imagined that rest could
       come through the visually impaired, Light and Healing is now in its 20  year. Staff are
       known for their healing hands, intuitive connection and an extraordinary touch that brings
       relaxation to their clients from the toils of daily life. They are all visually impaired men and
       women with soul filled laughter and lightness of being. Loved by their clients and revered
       by their families.

       You should get involved with this Centre. They bring dignity and meaningful employment.
       Apart from supporting them by becoming a client, you should consider training with them
       to start your own business.

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                    Web: Address: 514 White Street, Bailey's Muckleneuk, Pretoria   2
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