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The Covid-19 pandemic is a threat to the health and economic wellbeing of us all. But persons with visual impairments are particularly vulnerable.

People who can’t see are already the most unlikely to find work in SA – and the lockdown has only made things tougher for them financially.

Even our blind self-help groups, who were successfully producing goods like detergents, pillows, blocks and nappies, found themselves unable to earn an income.

Blind persons are at greater risk of coming into contact with the virus. They frequently use their hands to touch objects and surfaces to obtain information and to find handwashing and sterilising facilities in unfamiliar places; along with trying to stick to social distancing when they can’t see the person next to them.

Where possible, we appeal to you to offer to help your blind neighbours, for example with reading public health information, offering directions to handwashing and sterilising facilities, or helping to find things that they may have dropped.

We also appeal to you to send a Covid-19 donation to the SANCB today. Your gift will help tide over our self-help groups until they get their businesses back up and running; and will help newly- blinded individuals access mobility training and assistive devices like white canes.

Thank you for helping blind persons cope in this challenging time of Covid-19.